• 16/06/2017
  • Insights

In our latest research we asked hiring managers to rank the importance of core leadership competencies when assessing managers at three levels: frontline, mid-level and senior executive. Our results revealed employers expect more of all their leaders. But are their expectations realistic?

Great Expectations: Today’s leaders need to be good. At everything.

We surveyed hiring managers from around the world to quantify and rank their expectations across 21 different competencies for three levels of management: frontline, mid-management, and senior executives. The results showed that, while senior leaders still carry the greatest expectations of all, leaders at other levels of an organization’s hierarchy are operating under greater expectations than ever before.

To be successful, leaders must continuously develop and improve skills that enhance their leadership ability. Use our checklist to:

  • Assess current performance;
  • Identify those competencies that are most relevant to a specific leadership position;
  • Target areas of weakness where development would drive enhanced leadership performance.